Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Neon Vest

Well, we had the fire drill yesterday. Not a real big was only a drill. Not even any fake smoke or nothin'. But, hey, what the heck?? OUR suite Fire Marshall (I won't name names here) was without...can you believe it...the neon vest that ALL of the other fire marshals had. Cripes, the embarrassment of it all!! Sure, he looked super in charge with the clipboard, but hey, like everything else in life the uniform is THE KEY to success and he lacked it! Now we have to wait until the NEXT fire drill, a WHOLE YEAR away to swing into action sporting the neon and the clipboard. Unless, of course, there is an incendiary incident in the meantime. The suggestion here is the Suite 750 Fire Marshall get his neon vest and keep it handy!!


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