Monday, May 31, 2004


OK, you’ve probably heard the rumors as well. Certainly I have, despite these rumors being mentioned only in hushed tones by the water cooler. (OK, we don’t actually have a water cooler…I use this phrase metaphorically.) I sorta thought it was the usual office bunk. But now I wonder. Is someone trying to jack up company revenues by operating a secret, illicit chinchilla ranch right here in the office? I have no hard evidence...yet. But there are some suspicious signs. First, there was that small pile of wood shavings in the supply room. Of course, that could have been left there by some workmen installing any number of office enhancements. Second, there has been that scruffling sound, ever so faint, in the office after hours. A sound so faint one can’t be sure it’s even a sound. Then there’s Pedro, the office cat. He’s been acting a bit odd lately. He likely knows what’s going on. But, of course, his first language isn’t English…so who knows what is agitating him? Maybe all of this doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. Maybe I’m imagining things. Who knows? But then, what is with that copy of Your Home Based Chinchilla Ranch: The Hobby that Pays BIG MONEY!!! that I found hidden in the office library right behind our copy of Marketing For Dummies? Now, I know what you’re thinking, we don’t actually have an office library. But we do have a bookshelf and I think it’s ok to call it a library. There’s no fancy classification system, like the Dewey Decimal system or nothin', but still it is where we keep our reference books. OK, maybe you don’t think Score: One Hundred and One Ways to Meet Hot Chicks is really a reference book, but it is non-fiction. I know this because it says so on the title page. Not that I’ve actually read the book. I have no need to read stuff like that; anyone can tell you that. The point is, well, why would someone add such a book to our library and then shelve it suspiciously near the marketing reference book? I’m clueless! Truly.


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